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3 Best Casino Videos Ever:

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By Scott Cash, October 21, 2021
2 min read + 21 min view-time

Lights, collywobbles, action!

Sodapoppin Playin' Blackjack

WHOOP!! Here's the scoop: I've searched and gathered today's top online casino videos, w/ the most view count. Why should you watch them? Well, if you know people like to watch and feel excitement, then you'll know how to achieve this excitement. When gambling, you can try the same games to experience this action as the player not just the viewer of the video. Avoid being a narrow-minded gambler who always ends up in shambles.

Know your onions!

The main thing these vids share is having a live dealer. This increases the level of entertainment, like an antidepressant drug, 'cause we are all social beings. Playing games alone is fatuous and not as exciting. Gambling w/ live dealers is like being in an upscale land-based casino, and gives you a boost in situational awareness.

Absobloodylootely, these vids are popular, 'cause they are fun to view, like a taboo kung fu tattoo w/ see through hairdo, on a misunderstood dude that's into hindu, eatin' beef stew and fondue w/ one meathook, while drinking a cold brew w/ his other.

1)  5.4 million views as of Oct/21/2021 (5:43 view-time):

ThanoslBoSSl's (aka Sodapoppin, 3rd hand from left) big balls cost him $5k on this bet! Ouch!!

Sodapoppin's videos are rich w/ entertainment. I fancy that he also has over 1M subscribers on YouTube.

Also, did you notice that the card scanner doesn't work on the first try? The dealer has to keep rescanning the cards. I bet he complains about it after every shift!

2)  3 million views as of Oct/21/2021 (11:20 view-time):

LOL! The dealer loses it, after he pronounces casino cæsino. He was already a little giddy at the beginning of the vid. I bet his easy peasy job's a doozy and gets great pay!!

3)  1.4 million views as of Oct/21/2021 (4:24 view-time):

Sodapoppin really gets nervous when making big bets, like most gamblers. First a wicked $1.5k double down win, then a 2.5k bet that gets the Black Jack win. Yes indeed, it's like a hot tube dude. In just two bets, he went from $3,550.75 to $10,300.75.

If you read the comments on this one at YouTube, you'll realize Sodapoppin probably lost his money soon after these wins. That doesn't mean you have to do the same. Just use your smarts and make a goal to cash-out after a big win. After cashing-out, log out of the casino. You should then find something else to do for a while.

These vids are great, 'cause they involve both the dealers and the viewers. I strongly suggest you seriously think about recording your screen when playing w/ a live dealer. Then you should edit it, to make it internet worthy. Then upload it to YouTube. If your vid becomes popular, this will add to the excitement, because you will be popular, on your way to being a gambling legend.

Here's a tip, before you go. You need to know that bonus funds cannot be used for play on Live Dealer games. Just stop taking the piss and finish up your easy peasy bonus playthrough. Then make a deposit w/ out claiming another bonus. Then you can play w/ Live Dealers.

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