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Winning at Games:

Why is it that some people win at gaming more than others who have the same skills? What is it about these people that makes them win more than others?

I think I know why. My thought is that I believe people win because they are maxed out on all the things that gives them an advantage in life. Like, knowing the odds for the best moves in all scenarios. Being at peace with God and others also seems to help. Another big thing is they are competitive, 'cause they have that cultivated in their character. They like winning at games, and likely think they can beat anybody with enough practice.

Focusing on the skills of the game is a good start. Knowing the reasons why you will, eventually, deserve to win when playing is also key. The simple thing that comes to mind, to me, is to just follow Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. What you should find is that winning is not really the goal but just happens to good people who have already mastered the odds of the game.

Ask those who win all the time: "What is the best strategy, to win?" Understanding what they tell you will improve your odds of winning the next game.

God Bless.


Good Game Websites:

Play games now. If you love Scrabble, get ready to be wowed with wonderful word fun from "Just Words," a word game for one or two players where you score point by making new words using singularly lettered tiles on a board.

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