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By Scott Cash, CasinoSite, November 13, 2021
10 min read

I'll admit, gambling is one of the most exciting things I've ever done. It's one of a kind. It's risky and glamorous. It allows you to escape from work. The excitement of winning big is too alluring to pass up. The best thing is that it has room to become even more fun because it's fairly new online.

Have you ever disagreed with the way a company handles a specific customer issue? It's a common thing, right? We, the customers, learn to avoid getting into the same issue in the future. We adapt because the company doesn't want to change it's ways.

Take this scenario. Let's say we didn't know about this T & C (terms and condition): "If the Player plays any games different than the allowed games as indicated on the coupon, winnings will be void."[1] Our reaction would be: "Huh? Is this a goofy casino? I'm baffled! How do I find the allowed games list? I did not see it!"

Rules: No Deposit Bonuses

Royal Ace Casino T & Cs

"Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."[1a]

You and I can move mountains when it comes to helping online casinos grow. We do this giving feedback to customer reps, when we see things that are disagreeable. This marvelous process is already occuring. Momentum is in full force. The online casinos that survive are the ones that revise and remove parts of the T & Cs (terms and conditions) regularly. Captain Cook Casino tells players: "Visit this (T & C) page periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Casino or Services after the posting of changes constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes."[1] Royal Ace casino has a similar T & C telling players, "...Such procedural changes will only be in response to the interests and security of the Casino or the players."[2]

If a customer support rep doesn't listen to your helpful suggestions, you need to find a new casino. That casino is headed for bankruptcy. On the other hand, seasoned online gambling reps like Ayvar Gabidullin know that company's that listen to customers score high on customer loyalty and retention.[2b] The popular casinos are the ones that listen to you. Do not interact with casinos that ignore you.

It's our duty, when we see something unfair, to tell casino support what we think. Now is the time to get rid of your soft-spoken nature. It's the casino's duty to listen, then take action for perfect business sense. Your suggestions are valued because you are not a money launderer, bonus abuser, or cheater who uses a betting system to win.[3] You are a shining star. Together, we will rid all difficult T & Cs.

T & Cs (terms and conditions) are a contract between the player and casino. When you don't agree with something, let them know your exact thoughts. The purpose of this article is to help online casinos become more delightful.

T & Cs should be easy as A.B.C. to follow. If they cannot change a wacky T & C, they need to change the reasons it exists. E.g., if they cannot do without playthrough requirements[4], they should stop giving out bonuses.

Casinos need to know how to survive as a business. They need to improve the experience of customers. They need to use "gamification" to keep users coming back.

Online Casino Gamification

What is gamification? Katryna Balboni, Content and Community Director at User Interviews says, "When used correctly, gamification increases user engagement and improves retention by making important tasks more enjoyable."[6a]

The Gamification encyclopedia defines gamification as "the concept that you can apply the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things that typically aren't considered a game. In theory you can apply Game Design to almost anything."[6]

"For the TL:DR (Too Long: Didn't Read) crowd, gamification has to do with the body’s release of dopamine after experiencing pleasure."[5]

If a casino expects you to know T & Cs, they should make the basic task of reading them more enjoyable, by making their T & Cs page as short as possible. The shorter the reading, the more likely a player reads it then experiences pleasure.

All the unfair T & Cs need to go. Lame agreements are bumming out players. The road to delightfulness starts with showing kindness and patience to customers.

After reading T & Cs, you and I still have to experience them in action before we fully understand them. Only lawyers fully understand all the T & Cs.[7] Casinos are expecting far too much from players.

Gamification "can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements."[10]

When casinos ask for proof of identity, it needs to be fun and engaging, for players to comply. How about giving players a storyline, plot, mission, and unlockable content?[8] Gamifying a user's experience will help get it done.

Gamification attempts to get users in a state of flow (intense and focused concentration). To do this, the user gets a clear goal, a progress indication, feedback, and a balance of challenge and skill.[11]

Customer service should be prepared to walk customers through scanning and emailing identity documents, using all popular methods. They should be asking customers, "how can I help you get it done?" The casino software needs to ease up on the challenge of sending documents, and help with the skill of using computer hardware and software to send documents. Showing proof of identity should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. The goal of gamification is to increase motivation and engagement.[9]

One -- Two -- Three -- Complete

Progress bar showing steps 1 and 2 completed

Customers should be given a progress bar showing steps of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, like the one show to the right. Progress bars help create concentration to get things done. Every account should also have a bar that shows your VIP membership level.

Gamification brings results. "Gamification has been used to some extent by online casinos. For example, the Casumo and Casino Heroes brands use an incremental reward system to extend the typical player lifecycle and to encourage repeat visits and cash deposits."[12]

Instead of forcing players to follow T & Cs like a disciplinarian, casinos need and incremental reward system. They need creative software that uses characteristics of game elements.

A gamified experience needs to be as easy as apple pie during the beginning of the players experience, to better engage customers who are working on KYC. E.g., implement a player's thumbprint on the phone for proof of identity, use a progress bar to encourage them, then reward them with a boost in VIP level when done.

Casinos know that players don't read or understand the T & Cs. Why not problem solve this issue with gamification?

Simon at Honest Casinos says, "most issues these days are, more often than not, due to misunderstandings and this highlights the need to always read the terms and conditions of any online casino and any offer that is made to you."[13]

Do not be a striped hyena! You need to read the T & Cs! They are a contract between the casino and the player, protecting both parties.[14] "Keep in mind they (casinos) are not a charity okay. They're like Walmart. They're like Target. They're a business. They reserve the right to kick you off, to lock you down, anytime that they want. They don't need a reason."[15] If that quote disturbs you, it helps to know that popular casinos use valid reasoning when deciding to kick you out of their casino. They aim for honor in business. Don't give them a reason to dislike your actions.

I strongly agree with this: "The casino is a place where you're going to take their money. That is your objective, and their objective is to take your money. Okay? So when you're on the board, it is a little bit of a battle."[16]

The goal is to get you prepared to prevent or overcome discouragement from going to battle with an online casino. You need to rise above disheartening T & Cs. To win the battle, you need to have fun engaging with customer support. As clear as a bell, you and I are giving effort to improve online casinos. It is kindness and patience that wins in the end.

Way up yonder, great will be your reward.

At Spela Online Casino, here is what happens when you finish the bonus playthrough requirement: Your Bonus Balance changes to Cash Balance, and confetti fills the screen to congratulate you. All casinos should have this small dopamine reward. The bonus starts with a challenge, then helps you celebrate when completed. This is a gamified experience. The bonus playthrough requirement is a little fun and engaging.

Only the fastidious casinos like Spela are using gamification to make things more enjoyable to users. You want your casino to be dressed in gamified elements,[17] because you, the loyal customer, deserves it.

The Registration

Casinos need to stop being nasty. Researching casino T & Cs, regrettably, I have found that after accepting your registration, casinos let you gamble, then deny your withdrawal because it is illegal in your location to gamble online. The casino is ok with being nasty because they don't see you as a loyal customer.

Here's a slice from a Casinomeister podcast (Max and Bryan Bailey): "Now we start to get into the small evil scams, and this one is the restricted country freeroll...the player is from the Netherlands, for example, the casino terms specifically say The Netherlands is a restricted country, but when the player goes to play they're not geo blocked from playing. And they may even go as far as asking the casino people, 'hey, is it ok if I play? I'm from The Netherlands', and the casino would say, 'oh yeah, sure, no problem. Go ahead'...but if the player wins and tries to withdraw, then the casino says, oh sorry you're from a restricted country...The player was never going to be able to withdraw winnings."[20c]

"If the terms say you're in a restricted country, you're walking the plank."[19] The first thing you need to know is if the laws within your country or state allow online gambling according to Google search. Just search: "is gambling online in ___ legal". Then you need to know if the casino allows your location according to their T & Cs. Peacefulness, not worry, is what you want.

Like a sneaky criminal, Mansion Casino says, "the availability of the Services shall not be interpreted as an offer or invitation on our part to use the Services in a country where such use is illegal."[20] They are just telling us they don't want to do the work of finding out if your local laws allow gambling. Procrastination is unacceptable. Being on top of worldwide laws should be a condition of their license to do business. Players need to plant the seed with suggestions on how they can improve customer relations. For the fun of it, we help casinos mature because we think about positive things, like peacefulness.

To be at peace with your geo location, you need to first receive a withdraw. That is the best proof showing you are in the clear.

After registering, contact support immediately, and say something like, "I want to make sure my location is not a restricted country. If I win big, will my geo location be blocked from making a withdraw?" After they say you are in the clear, wait a couple of days, ask a different customer rep the same thing, then ask a 3rd rep just to be sure.

"Please note that any activities performed from the restricted countries are also forbidden for players, who use VPN connections and other malware that helps to play from the restricted countries."[21] They should have immediate VPN and malware detection, then warn you to stop using it as quickly as possible, to prevent you from winning and making a withdraw request that will not be honored.

One of the things you, the player, should be doing is helping online casinos get their business practices right. Help them get mature with human interaction. Win their entrustment, first telling them you want play according to their rules. Then tell them you want to avoid any T & C issue in the future.

You need to plan on having your own account. Sharing accounts in against the rules. As clear as mud, they can terminate your account and hit the factory reset button, if they find you using someone elses account. Tell them they need to get rid of this T & C because "life shared is life enriched." Casinos need to be more lenient with sharing. Common decency tells us to "share and share alike." It's ok to poke fun at the casino with this one because all mature people share.

Bonus Wagering Requirement

Our brethren in gambling, "there are no online casinos without wagering requirements."[22]

"Any bonus you may receive from an online casino will have an associated wagering or playthrough requirement." Wagering and playthrough are the same thing.[24]

"The most important element to every offer is the wagering requirement, that instructs you on how many times you have to play the bonus before the withdrawal." [23]

Generosity is a cliff.

When you read the bonus terms, you will find paragraph after paragraph, "...etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It literally goes on and on. Pages and pages of're not alone in not getting the whole picture. It's one of the main problems for casino games players, wanting the bonus, taking the bonus, then getting in a mess when it comes to making a cash out!"[23]

Casino bonuses have ironclad T & Cs, to help casinos avoid financial difficulty as a business.[4] It is their preventive strike. Giving player free money needs to be managed properly with wagering requirements. They do not want players to be professional bonus abusers.

When claiming a bonus you need to understand that "wagering requirement is a multiple of the amount of the bonus given and is indicated by a number followed by an x. The total is the amount of money that you must wager before withdrawing your winnings. This amount will depend on the casino and possibly where you are based in the world."[25c]

Everything would be easier without bonus wagering. Instead of free money, casinos need to mail customers free wine or casino memorabilia, then do away with the bonuses and their T & Cs.

"Bonus cash comes with numerous restrictions on it, such as being unable to withdraw it before wagering requirements have been fulfilled, expiring after a period of time, or potentially having caps on how much you can win on it."[26] Try telling that to a brokenhearted druggie!

"If you're thinking, 'hey, I can just request a payout once I get the bonus.' Well, think again genius, because wagering requirements are attached to the bonuses to make sure you play with the money a certain number of times before requesting a valid payout."[31] Wagering requirements certify that players cannot walk away with the casino's money immediately after claiming a bonus.[30]

Whenever you use a bonus, your goal should be to complete the wagering requirement first. Getting there is half the fun.

Bonus turnover carries speculation from players. The casino is trying to pull a fast one. If this is your thought, you need to know bonuses without playthrough T & Cs would break the house because the less players play, the more likelihood of players cashing out ahead.

Casinos cannot lower a game's payout percentage, to make up for the free money they give out. That would be illegal. You can only trust they practice honorable gaming odds according to their licensing. We will continue to trust payout percentages are the same for bonus and non-bonus users.

Here is an alarming T & C, difficult to swallow: "Some casinos may void your bonus and winnings if you try to withdraw before meeting the wagering requirements."[27] The casino expects you to know the wagering requirements and meet them. Then they plan on punishing you if you don't, like a mean school teacher. Today's advanced casinos show the amount you need to playthrough at the cashier. If it's not there, you can find this amount under the bonus T & C on the website.

Avoid having a hissy fit. If you are uncertain, check with casino support to be sure you have met the wagering requirement.[28] Certainly, "if you request a withdrawal without having met the wager requirements, the casino will deny the request."[29]

Do not rely on the casino's software to give you pop-up warnings, stating your specific actions while gambling will void winnings. You need to know what you are doing, especially with bonus playthrough requirements. However, it is unfair to make you read so much, to make sure you know what to do and not to do.

Here is an unfair scenario: A casino warns you, "if you place a bet over $4, your winnings will be voided," while at the same time allowing you to place bets over $4. This casino has the option of voiding your winnings because you did not follow the T & Cs.

It is hard for player to profit off bonus abuse. Casinos want players to engage in recreation.[3][32] They do not want you using them to manufacture an income. Seeking income off bonuses is a losing proposition, because of playthrough requirements. The more you bet the greater your odds of losing.

Between you and me, bonus T & Cs are a lame excuse for what is really going on. Casinos like giving out free money because it forces you to spend more time gambling. The longer you play, the more edge to the house, the more you deposit, the more successful their casino.

"Be aware that most casinos have a higher wagering requirement on signup bonuses, or no deposit offers for new players, since these are the ones most taken advantage of...Loyal customers may also receive bonuses with low wagering requirements as a thank you from the casino."[34]

If the casino gives you a higher wagering requirement than stated in the T & Cs, people from your country could have a history of bonus abuse and advantage playing, making you a concern. If this happens, you need to be patient with them and show them that you are not a bonus hunter or cheater. After a month or so, if you show no signs of being greedy, ask casino support to ease up on your wagering requirements. Being open to support should do you a world of good. However, do not spill the beans that you really are greedy. That is not funny and will give you a red flag.

On no deposit bonuses, wagering requirements are higher than regular bonuses.[35] There is nothing to complain about here. Just accept it. If you want you can ask for lower wagering requirements after you become a loyal customer.

Here are the difficult bonus T & Cs:
   High wagering requirement multipliers E.g., 50x
   Knowing what games are allowed to clear bonus (1 game is easier to do that the vague "most slots")
   Knowing when you hit the maximum winning limit of your bonus. E.g., "$100 max withdraw using this bonus."
   Knowing to stay under the max bet amount[36]: E.g., any bets over $5 do not count toward playthrough.

The casino software or customer service needs to help you understand and follow these T & Cs to make you time more delightful. All you can do is help them get to that point.

Players Abusing Bonuses

Let us answer the deal with bonus abusers.

"Small print is where the devil hides...Did you know that many advantage play (using legal methods in contrast to cheating) and bonus hunting strategies are considered irregular play and banned by most online casinos? Though they are not illegal in the strict sense of the term, due to some convenient loopholes in the nature of the gambling game, players get an advantage over casinos and gladly use it."[37]

Let us first realize the casino operator's point of view: When catering to bonus abusers, these players become uncontrolled, looking only for ways to gain an advantage using bonuses, especially in multiple casino accounts[3][38]. Casinos want you using one account not 2 or 3. That is one of their main rules.

On the other hand, when casinos cater to mature players, they have less of an urge to cheat the house, because they appreciate a giving spirit. It is your maturity that the casino needs to honor.

"No one likes to get outsmarted and lose money in the process. Nowadays casinos have very strict rules when it comes to bonus abuse and many newbies are caught off guard."[39]

After researching casino T & Cs, it is easy to see that most welcome bonuses are designed to reel the player in with generosity, then slap them with improper T & Cs. Casinos use welcome bonuses because they increase internet traffic. However, soon welcome bonuses will be outlawed, as a condition of licenses. For now, you need to know how to go about completing playthrough requirements. That is the main focus.


CMA Purpose

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said, "people aren’t getting the deal they expect from sign-up promotions and operators are unfairly holding on to people’s money."[40] This is proof bonus T & Cs are unfair.

"One of the most frequent mistakes we see in new players is that they don't read the terms and conditions of a casino bonus or the payout requirements. Don't just sign up for every deal that looks good, or you are going to lose money."[41]

"Casinos now have mechanisms in place that can identify gamblers who misuse their bonuses."[36]

As sure as death and taxes, reading bonus T & Cs increases your overall satisfaction and prevents rude awakenings. However, non-abusers shouldn't be forced to do readings. They should be rewarded with easier bonus T & Cs. If the casino's mechanisms in place identifies abusers, it can trust that the other players are not abusers, then treat them with patience and kindness. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law."[42]

To upright players, T & Cs are more worthless than a gorgeous graduate student with low self-esteem.

Bovada Casino, offers a "Forfeit a Bonus" option in the "Balance Status." This is a cruel option and should only be done if you contact support and ask for it. "When you forfeit a bonus, you're not just forfeiting that bonus, you're forfeiting all the money you've won while that bonus is active."[43] Help your casino remove the "Forfeit" button.

Non-Bonus T & Cs

Odds are stacked in an online casino's failure. The reasons for this being they are mismanaged, illegal, use poor software, do not look like a famous landscape painting, and do not offer convenient payment options.[44]

"The online gaming market is still one of the most difficult sectors to crack, more than any other regulated and established industry. Studies show that at least 85 percent of startups fail in the first two years."[45]

Cracking the online gaming sector is the mission of the casino. It is in part accomplished with legal agreements between you and the casino.

Here's general T & Cs from Mansion Online Casino, a well-managed casino with 15 years of experience. "Mansion reserves the right to close or suspend your Player Account and/or void any associated bets and/or withhold any amounts in your Player Account at its absolute discretion if we have reason to believe any of the following, that:
  18.3.9  it is determined that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems such as bots etc.) designed specifically to defeat the gaming system on the Services, or have employed betting techniques with the aim of circumventing the standard house edge in the games on the Services
  18.3.13  you have acknowledged that you are, or we reasonably believe you to be suffering from a problem related to gambling addiction
  18.3.14  it is illegal for you to interact with the Services in any way
  18.3.15  we are unable to verify your registered address or contact telephone number."[20]

A Mansion knows what creed to climb. This casino cracks down on cheaters, addicts, and illegal locations.

"Mansion reserves the right to withhold all the funds Mansion believes to be derived from cheating, fraudulent or unlawful activity and where required, without giving reason to you for withholding said funds."[20]

If you fancy a betting system, you need to know if the casino warns against using it in the T & Cs. You should go to your casino's T & Cs web page, then using your browser's tools, search for "system" or your specific system like "martingale," to find a warning.

If you use any betting system, like I used the blackjack Hi Opt 2 card counting, you should only make the minimum deposit until you win. Then request a withdrawal out to see if it will go through. If you receive the withdrawal, then you can double or triple your deposit and repeat your system. Gradually increase your deposit amounts with caution. A big deposit could trigger a red flag. The main goal when using a betting system is to become a loyal customer first. Then see what you can get away with. However, I am not guaranteeing you will get good results. Stay away from betting systems if you can.

I've made big mistakes as a gambler online, and learned from them. The best advice I can give to players is play for fun, cash out when you are ahead, and be friendly with customer reps. Most of all, do not to be on a mission to beat the odds, because you will lose the battle in the end.

I no longer count cards because I was denied a big withdrawal. I slowly realized it is considered cheating when you win big. It was easy to quit because I stopped seeing blackjack as a way to make regular money. Getting kicked out of a casino in Reno, NV for card counting helped too.

Everyone knows the odds are in favor of the house. That's the easy one. The difficult thing for us to understand is that the T @ Cs make it impossible to make a regular income. Being ignorant, we think we can outsmart the casino. So, understand that casinos are two steps ahead of system users. The truth is, seeking regular winnings from online casinos will leave you defeated.

When you try to beat the casino, T & Cs are like slow internet connections. They are are not fun.

You need to stop any aspirations of being an advantage player and keep your daytime job. When you forget the advantage play and gamble for recreation, you set your mind free, and your withdraws get honored.

The fighter is not believed when he tells the truth.

Casinos can terminate your account if "the customer threatens to make a refund or reverse their deposits to the casino and demands to receive special treatment based on their threats."[21] You need to show self control when you think casinos are scamming you. In contrast, the casino should show patience when doing unkind things like delaying the withdraw process.

I have heard from more than one source that struggling online casinos will look for ways to refuse payouts to players.[46] The best way to avoid this from happening to you is to make sure your casino is popular using the Alexa Traffic Rank extension (chrome web store). Install it right now and keep it on your browser. I have been using it for about 5 years and have no issues with it. After the extension is installed, you go to a casino web site, then click on the Alexa icon on your browser to see its "Alexa Rank." The lower the rank the higher the populartiy. This is the easiest way to indicate a casino is not struggling.

Be wise. "In any industry there will be those businesses that do not play by the rules and the internet gambling industry is no exception - a fair few dodgy deals are going on at any one time."[49d]

In the casino's T & Cs, you should find they threaten to hold your credits if you break the rules.

When registering a new account, don't seek the best bonuses, seek the most popular casino. This will ensure fair gaming odds and the fairest available T & Cs. Taking any bonus at a popular casino will bring in 10 times more satisfaction than taking a generous bonus at a struggling casino.

Your goal should be to minimize withdrawal hang-ups, being a trustworthy customer. Your life will be much easier. Instead of improving your gambling system skills, improve your career skills that carry a far better payout percentage. E.g., 48% chance of profit gambling verse 99.9% chance of profit mastering your job skills.

The Pending Withdraw

What shakes up players more than any other T & C? The pending withdrawal. Oh man, can it cramp your style.

You need to take the bear by the truth. Daisy at said, "unfortunately, at many smaller and less reputable casinos, withdrawing your winnings can often be a complicated, drawn-out and, ultimately, fruitless process...Why would a casino refuse to payout? The reason behind this is simple: Casinos don't want to lose money."[51e] The more they stall, the more you will cancel the pending withdrawal, put the cash back into your account and gamble it away.[49]

A staff writer for said, "it is quite common for most Playtech powered casino sites to have a pending period of up to 4 days, and many Microgaming casinos also have a pending period of around 24 to 48 hours."[52f] Why don't they respect the customer's time? Why force customers into a state of impatience? Pending periods up to 4 days for every withdrawal will take a toll on your experience.

"The casino will handle your withdrawal request only to 'allow' you a pending period when you can cancel the withdrawal and just keep playing. Pending withdrawals is a terrible thing and should be banned. The casinos only do this hoping that you will change your mind and leave the funds in your casino account. There is no reason to practice pending withdrawals."[52]

When the casino reviews your request for a withdraw, it does not need 24--48 hours. That is as slow as a snail! If cryptocurrency withdraws are instant, why cannot other methods be the same? What kind of stuff are they claiming to review? They should have software to speed up the withdrawal process. They are just feeding players lies. 48 hours? Come on. Seriously.

Every casino should have manual flushing. This is a procedure when "the casino skips the pending period and the money the player requests for withdrawal are automatically sent straight to processing. This prevents the players from asking the casino to reverse the withdrawal if they change their minds."[53] "If you have won and have requested a withdrawal, and the casino you are playing at has a long pending period, simply get in touch with the casino and politely ask for it to be flushed."[49]

Your satisfaction with a casino is based on quick and easy withdraws. They need to warn players in the cashier section, that there are pending withdraws. You should not have to guess about the easiest method.

Companies have different limits on how much you can withdraw per transaction.[54] You need to ask casino support if your first big withdrawal will go smoothly, if you have not done one yet. Ask something like, "If I withdraw over $500, how long should it take to get the money?"

You need to give them the documents they request, to verify your identity. This will make things easy as rolling off a log. Most casinos should have a similar T & C to this: "...if such documents are requested, no withdrawals may be made until such documents have been provided to Mansion."[20]

If you are a whiz, you probably want to win money and have a plan to make it happen. Well, how do you know if you will be breaking any of the rules? You need to know the T & Cs relevant to your action plan. E.g., say you plan on using the Martingale betting strategy at Mansion Casino. You will change your mind after reading this rule: "7.1.13 You certify that in relation to the Services, you will not use or attempt to use any martingale betting strategy or software endowed, in our view, with artificial intelligence."[20]

Why won't Mansion allow the martingale strategy? Well, they are admitting the system works. You could drain them of money, right? They are not having it. To them, it looks like you are being ill-mannered.

"If you build an account that gets really really high, especially if you build it really really fast, you're gonna raise some red flags."[55] If you do spike up your balance from wins, you should respect their suspicion about your activities, instead of putting up a fight. Then help them trust that you won from being lucky not from breaking their T & Cs. It helps when you really are playing by the rules.

Boo Mountains

The most important thing you can do before you register with a casino is to make a planned decision. The casino must be licensed! Trusting an unlicensed casino is foolish, because it is already being bombarded by player criticism and will not consider any more input to fix its T & Cs.

If you are using a betting system, research the success of it to know what software or casinos you should play at or avoid. You do not want a betting system red flag on your account. The best approach is to wait after you register, before using any betting system. After you have built up your VIP membership level, they will look the other way when you win more than you lose. At this point, you are a privileged player.

After registering, here is your best proactive plan: Be prepared in order to avoid hold-ups. Don't abuse bonuses, because you might be put on a blacklist. Build up your VIP level. Then help them make T & C easier.

Get in the habit of mirroring customer support's plan of action they take when talking to customers. Use these tips for customer support reps, found at, to build rapport. Be friendly to support and treat them like you would a casual boss you respect. Use their name. Use positive language. Avoid negativity. Be careful with jokes. Show! Don't just tell. Use accessible, candid, precise, plain language. End on a high note.[56]

Always keep improving your customer level, as seen at Red Dog Casino, "please, take into consideration that the Customer Level also determines multiple gaming factors, including but not limited to the maximum payout amount and payment approval times."[20]

Trust is a door.

The best approach to online gambling is to maximize your customer level. This will make your time at the casino more enjoyable. It helps to know that El Royale Casino uses your credit score, deposit type and frequency, your reputation with the casino as well as with other casinos, the duration and outcome of gaming sessions, your wager frequency, adopted payout methods, your frequency of reversing payouts, and membership duration.[57] You can see the things you can work on: Credit score and reputation with support team.

"KYC is implemented to control underage gambling, money laundering, organized crime, and online frauds."[13]

You must also complete the KYC form and confirm your identity to make your experience more enjoyable. Be prepared to get a message like this from customer support, after requesting a big withdraw for the first time: "Yeah Paul, it's been verified. Everything's clear I don't know why they've not paid you." To avoid this run around, give them everything they want asap, before making a big withdraw. Tolerance is an ocean.

Save this notice: "The casino needs to make sure that your personal information and your banking information match up. When you request a withdrawal, if this process hasn't been completed and you still need to verify, this could result in minor delays."[58]

You should always be respectful of the casino's email and chat requests. This will raise your customer level. Once you have won their respect, you can boo mountains, making little suggestions about their T & Cs. When you get to this point, you can ask for honest insight behind some of the unpleasant T & Cs you bring up. Then talk about them. The goal is to help them shed their inexcusable reputation they get from enforcing unfair T & Cs.

Being a satisfied customer comes from being ready, willing, and able to play by their rules, then trusting that they are doing their best to become a respectable casino. The truth is they screen for money laundering because "the casino industry is a target for criminals looking to launder their profits gained through illicit activities such as drug trafficking and human trafficking."[59]

"Mansion operates an anti-money laundering policy that, from time to time, may require us to request documentary evidence to justify your activity on your account. This will be communicated to you directly by email, with the request including a list of acceptable documentation."[19]

A money launderer uses dirty money to make a deposit, then withdraws with zero to little gambling activity, to hide the money's original origin.

Its common for industry regulators to do money laundering audits. They simply look for irregularities when analyzing financial statements.[60] Trust is a spoon. That is why you should go out or your way to help them trust that you are not a criminal, and are as innocent as a dove. Do not say anything about laundering, to avoid raising any suspicion, and quickly give them whatever they want. Simply just knowing casinos do these audits gives you the power. Show them you are clean as a whistle, to improve your reputation.

On dormant accounts: To make it easy on yourself, do not leave money in your casino for more than a month. "19.1 'Dormant' Player Accounts are defined as Player Accounts which are not accessed by you and used for real money Betting for any consecutive period of 180 days. 19.2 Once your Player Account has been deemed Dormant we will be entitled to charge you an administrative fee equivalent to 5% of your total account balance ('Administration Fee')...We will deduct the Administration Fee from your Player Account balance every thirty (30) days...You will be given 30 days written notice by email of the fact that your account is about to become dormant."[19]

Casinos charge dormant accounts because it costs them money to keep your account active. They are practicing smart business management. You can request that they extend the consecutive period from 180 to 360 days, when you want to stop gambling for a while.

Food for naught: Casinomeisters says, "if you're making any agreement with the casino, make sure you have it in writing...emails are usually the best."[61] You might need to show proof, if you ever file a complaint.

It is common to see T & Cs like this one: "If any dispute should arise regarding the Customer’s activities in the Casino, their wagers or their winnings, the decision made by the Casino shall be final and binding."[20]

Be prepared for a fiasco. There is a chance that when you do complain, you will be dealing with mindless casino reps, who are fighting back, because they think you are a really tough guy. "The thing to keep in mind is that your proof is only as good as the jurisdiction your casino comes from...If you're going to have an argument with somebody who is licensed in Curaçao, well you might as well have an argument with a house plant."[62]

You do not want to deal with brainless customer reps, especially if you are impatient, because you are ripe for getting the run around.

If you are a loyal VIP or do not abuse bonuses, you do not deserve to be mistreated, and you can boo mountains because your opinions matter to casino support. They really want to keep loyal customers happy. It is perfect business sense. You are a valued customer.

You are the apple of my eye.

We are on a mission to get our online casino to rewrite the T & Cs that we find unfair.

Experience is the best teacher.

Your focus as a non-abuser is to help eliminate any tricky or outright inappropriate bonus T & Cs, especially if you experience one.

Look at this term found at "22.5 We do not guarantee: 22.5.7 that the Services are adequate."[19] Why would they have this outrageous term? This means the services might not be satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity. It is fair to. However, it still sounds nutty as a fruitcake. They should be on a mission to have services that are more than adequate.

When you find a T & C you think needs an overhaul, make a kind request to support. Give them your honest input to help them improve their business sense. If enough of us request the similar thing, they have no choice but to rethink its validity.

Improper T & Cs makes players unsettled, and goes against a gamification approach. As plain as day, their focus should be to answer, "How can we make this T & C easier all parties?" "How can we get rid of it?"

Casino Support Suggestions

Brad Pitt Throwing Phone

Brad Pitt on phone then throwing it

People who live in class mountains shouldn't throw phones.

Avoid being argumentative. When talking to casino reps, greet, think, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

You need to first establish trust with the casino. Then you can suggest one of these:

Tell 'em: I would like to skip the part of registration that requires a valid credit card. I do not like giving out personal info when it is not necessary.

Ask 'em: The KYC procedure takes too long. Can you make an exception for me, and get it done faster?

Ask 'em: Actions speak louder than words. Can you guarantee that my personal info won't be sold to a 3rd party?

"Casinos don't necessarily accept the same payment methods for deposits as they do for withdrawals."[63] If this presents an issue for you, ask them: Why won't you accept the method I want? Is there anything I can do that would change your mind? Offer to send an extra 5%, as a tip, if they let you use your method of choice.

Ask 'em: I'm being smart about making purchases online. What deposit method is the safest?

Tell 'em: International banking fees are too high. Is there a way to avoid them?

Tell 'em: For the fun of it, you should have more VIP bonuses.[64]

Nicole from Play USA reminds us to "make sure you are always reading the casino's terms and conditions before gaming with them."[65] Yeah, like that is always gonna happen. We like to dive right into the excitement, not knowing the T & Cs we need to know.

Tell 'em: You shouldn't have to read all bonus T & Cs, especially when you are set on having fun.

Take action!

Tell 'em: The most important bonus T & Cs should be easily accessed in at the casino. If that is too much to ask, there should be a hyperlink to your T & Cs page in the cashier.

Spela Casino Screenshot

Spela Casino screenshot showing Real Money and Bonus Balances

Tell 'em: I would like to see a pop-up window coming up immediately after finishing bonus playthrough requirements. Something like: "Congratulations! Your bonus playthrough requirement has been met!" If they do not like this idea, they should at least put the Real Money Balance and Bonus Balance at the top of the casino like Spela Casino is doing on right.[66]

Completing the wagering requirement is the best part of gambling with a bonus. At Spela, when this occurs, confetti litters the screen to congratulate you on the completion of your journey. "It's absolutely brilliant guys. I encourage you to take the bonuses whenever they offer it to you."[67]

Tell 'em: Every casino should have a "Wallet funds notification" like Spela Casino's. The notification says, "You are playing with real money." You know you are done with the bonus wagering requirement. The bonus balance has become your cash balance.

Tell 'em: The bonus wagering requirement is important and should be readily available for reference in the cashier with one click of the mouse.

"Not all games contribute to the wagering requirement equally. Most commonly, slots bring 100% to the table, while table games tend to contribute significantly less or not at all. Being familiar with this list can help you wager the bonus faster and more efficiently, meaning your withdrawal will happen sooner."[68]

Tell 'em: Have you considered a more debonair approach? The bonus T & Cs are as solid as quicksand. There should be easier playthrough requirements for match bonuses. All games should count 100% toward meeting the playthrough requirement. Tell 'em: Blackjack is more exciting than slots. Plus, there is too much of a house edge in slots. Ask 'em: Do slots truthfully have less payouts than table games?

"Always check the contribution of the game towards the wagering requirement as well as the requirement itself before taking any bonuses."[69] That is too much work! If you are going to check, it needs to be easy to do.

BobCasino Bonuses Section

BobCasino Bonuses Section

To the right is a screenshot from a real account.[70] That's all they tell you about the bonus. You will not find the "Games Allowed" in this section. To find the "Games Allowed" you have to ask customer support or find it in the bonus terms and conditions.

Experienced players know that "all casinos will have a chart describing the contribution of different casino games towards meeting your bonus terms."[71] Tell them: You shouldn't have to refer to the long "bonus T & Cs" web page, every time you need to check if a game contributes to the wagering requirement. This list should be in the casino's cashier, one click away. They should give players a pop-up notice every time a new game is started, stating how much of a contribution to their current bonus that game lends. Wouldn't that be delightful?

As sweet as sugar, we can use positive psychology to get our message heard. E.g., you can point out that claiming a bonus is easy, in the form of a compliment. Tell 'em, this guy on youtube agrees w/ me: "Getting the actual bonus is usually incredibly simple and straightforward." Tell 'em: I really like the easiness of claiming a bonus. It is just one click. Then ask them: Why does the bonus credit takes so long to show in my account? Do customers complain about this?

Tell 'em: This casino is remarkable! A bundle of fun! I am so excited. My pulse is a race car. Tell me, why not give out instant bonuses?

"Usually with payments made using credit cards, bonuses take up to 48 hours for players to use."[72] Ask 'em: Thanks for the bonus. 48 hours is a long wait for bonus credit. Can I do anything to shorten this time?

Tell 'em: I detect it's time for easier bonuses. I give your casino an A. It would be an A+, if you prevented disgruntled customers, practiced kindness and patience with players who claim bonuses, and reduce the playthrough requirements.

Experienced players know that "to reach the bonus requirement quickly, place the maximum bet allowed. That way, you also increase your chances of winning on slots."[73]

Tell 'em: The maximum bet allowed for my bonus is not listed in the cashier's bonus section, for quick reference. Why not?

Ask 'em: Are there any facts that ensure the RNGs they use are trustworthy, for more peace of mind? Just explain that you want to know that "both winnings and losses are absolutely random, and cannot be predetermined before the game round starts."[20] If you don't want to ask about RNGs, just know that most casinos are like this: "We, at Red Dog Casino believe that the two cornerstones of fair gaming are cutting-edge random number generation (RNG) technologies and full transparency. We utilize the latest and up-to-date version of RNG software, and we make sure that the software itself, as well as all our games, are tested on a regular basis by TST (Technical Systems Testing)." Trusting that they are being fair should give you enough peace of mind to have fun.

"Most casinos won’t even allow multiple accounts connected by a shared unit, household or IP address. It’s not uncommon for players to register at a casino, forget about their account and register a new account later on, totally unbeknownst to the old account. A good idea can be to ask the support if all is clear."[74]

Avoid the rigmarole. "Never try to accumulate multiple bonuses from the same casino, this can give the casino an excuse to refrain from paying you, or delay any payments that they owe you as they will usually expect you to play through a certain amount of money before withdrawing any winnings you have earned from a bonus."[45]

"Make sure that you only open one account per online casino, unless they have otherwise stated that this is acceptable. If you do open more than one account, then many casinos will delay any transactional operations if they discover additional accounts, in some cases they may refuse to pay-out altogether as they will presume that you are trying to establish and exploit weaknesses in their services."[45] Tell 'em: I made an honest mistake and lost the other account log in. Do not lie because they might be good at reading it. If you opened more than one account to gain an advantage of some sort you need to stop doing it. You will get more of an advantage if you play by their rules and increase your customer level.

"A very good way of establishing how efficient and trustworthy a casino is, is to send their customer services a few questions regarding various issues you may have, judge by the speed at which they communicate and the comprehensiveness of their answers as to whether they follow a good works ethic. The way in which the company will reply will be indicative of the type of organization you are dealing with."[45] If you find your casino has a trustworthy customer service, you can make requests with more confidence because they will consider your ideas.

"If you do find yourself running into problems with a casino, make sure that you communicate your problem effectively, do not be rude, at least not to begin with. In general, the more reasonable you are in your approach towards them, the more likely the casino is to deal promptly and efficiently with your issue."[45]

Tell 'em: There should be faster withdrawals.

Tell 'em: Hey crypto withdrawals are as quick as a wink, right? I am an idiot for not using it! Tell me the truth. ; ) What do you guys do in the 24 hours to process a Skrill withdraw?

Your Offshoot Is Valued

"Gamification can be used in some contexts and in others not so much. Gamification isn't a silver bullet. It has to be designed carefully to make sure it suits your business."[75]

You, the mature, valued customer, and I have a duty to help casinos grow. Difficult terms and conditions can wreck a player's experience. There is more business sense in implementing gamification than there is in misleading customers down an unexpected path, like bonus playthrough.

"The reason that they give away that quote-unquote 'free money that you can play with' is to lock your funds. It is a financial Venus fly trap."[76] Tell 'em: You should be kinder and get rid of the Venus bonus traps. Instead of 60x playthrough, 20x is more reasonable.

You should present yourself as a concerned account holder who is helping them improve customer relations. Tell them they are just making people angry with their unreasonable conditions Angry words are bullets. Not one likes being shot.

Jesus As Dealer

Jesus the Dealer

To sharpen your ideas, have fun talking about your casino issues with family, friends, or strangers. Use online gambling forums, your blog, or record a video for viewing on YouTube. Be honest and tell your side of things.

What would Jesus or Muhammad tell 'em? Probably something like, "So in everything, do to players what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the bonus terms and conditions." Then after the casino perfects thier T & Cs, they would say, "Thank you so much, you are an angel."

Be a savior. Refer casino reps to this article. Let them know there are a group us who want to make casinos more delightful. Do what you can to motivate them them to act.


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